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Savannah 👩🏾‍💻 is a Graphic Designer currently based in London📍️. Working at the heart 🫀 of a project, striving to create effective design solutions that are FUN 🤹🏽‍♀️ & FUNCTIONAL 🎯.




Graphic Design that’ll make you smile︎

Oceans Halo Broth

Package Design, Graphic Design

Oceans Halo is a brand that creates vegan and organic kelp based products typically originating from asian cuisine. Alongside this one of their main goals is to protect the ocean by making ethical decisions with their products and donating 1% of all proceeds to charities.

The packaging was redesigned to better portray what type/category of item it is along with a more sophisticated appearance, allowing customers to be made aware that the best quality ingredients are used while still being functional for everyday culinary use.

The background colour features a gradient of black and the colour of which flavour broth it is, making it clear to the customer what they’re buying while still being subtly polished. On the second layer an illustration of smoke coming from a bowl of broth houses the flavour title in a darker tone of its given colour. Below this is a message for the meat flavoured broths clarifying that it’s vegan, showcasing the same colour as the gradient background allowing it to appropriately stand out.

The packing itself is a pouch and has been given a handle making the functional experience enjoyable around the spectrum of its many uses. This includes its flexible shape allowing it to mould into small spaces, while the base stills holds a shape keeping the broth upright, meanwhile the handle allows for easy transport and pouring utilisation.

Oceans Halo Broth

Packaging Design, Graphic Design